The 10 minute squeeze!

Last week Jim wrote about us getting back to networking and walking the talk with me presenting to the group about digitising and restoring old photos. Preparing a talk can be a bit of a challenge – after all 10 minutes is barely any time at all – honestly!

So how do you condense everything that you know on the subject into a presentation that still gets the point across to your audience successfully?

If you have a passion for something you can easily talk for hours about it – so fitting all that into a short length of time requires a little effort and good preparation.

My top tips are:

  1. Leave them wanting to know more! You don’t have to tell them everything!
  2. Sketch out a framework for your talk – what do you actually need to get across? Are you informing people or educating them? What is the actual result you want – enquiries and bookings, solving people’s problems or a skills share?
  3. Think about what your audience really wants or needs to know – it’s usually not everything – often a taster of what we do or offer is enough to hook them in.
  4. Use visuals to help get more complex subjects or information across quicker. This reduces how much you need to talk about it. Don’t just tell them – show them! My slide on the complexities of editing included the image below showing all the areas I had retouched – no detailed explanation needed.
Every dot an adjustment!

And lastly – practice, practice, practice – with a timer. Review the content if you’re really overrunning and don’t worry if when practicing it’s a little short – when you do it for real it may take a little longer

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