You are not alone!!

Getting up and talking to a room of people sometimes makes you feel very alone and that your meeting companions are brimming with confidence and wit.

But you really are not alone! In a survey conducted by Farhan Raja of The
Institute of Business Management, 75% of everyone asked admitted they had a fear of public speaking!

And to illustrate how it’s all about what tools you have to your disposal, 95% of that group said that they would feel better after some sort of coaching.

Despite being competent in their field of work, professional’s worldwide struggle due to lack of good public speaking skills. Their assessments and appraisals are often not depictive of their professional competitiveness; therefore, it is important for students to overcome public speaking anxiety before they transit from academic life to professional life. The purpose of this study is to analyze the reasons behind the anxiety level in undergraduate students of a public speaking class and recommend strategies to overcome this fear. This study was entailed quantitative research paradigm on a sample of 50 students using convenience sampling technique from a reputable private sector business school in Karachi. The findings showed that students who fear public speaking can perform well if they use certain strategies to fight their fears. 75% participants admitted their fear of public speaking and 95% participants agreed that if proper counseling, instruction and coaching is provided, this fear can be overcome. Research revealed that exposure to virtual environment can facilitate student confidence and enables themto face audience irrespective of the size.

Anxiety Level in Students of Public Speaking by Farhan Raja
Institute of Business Management (June 2017)

So what can YOU do to resolve your own anxieties? Well, get in touch with Jim and Sarah at CWC! We can guide you through all the myths, tips and tricks that will unlock your speaking potential!

What are you waiting for?

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