Less is more!

Jim, thinking of something to say…?

One thing that both Jim and Sarah agree on is that when it comes to PowerPoint, less is more.

There have times when we have been at a conference or workshop and the presenter says “this is a list of things I want you to focus on” (or words to that effect) and what they then do is reveal a slide that has approximately 20 items listed but all so small that you can’t actually see them clearly to know what they are getting at.

There was one recently where the presenter said “well, this was my Zoom presentation I did, that’s why the wording is so small”.

Then why did they leave it? Why not adjust it according to your audience?

This is just one element of a presentation that you need to think about before stepping up to the floor. It was fortunate that this particular presentation was insightful and engaging so that we didn’t actually need to look at the screen, but what if it wasn’t?

Don’t leave anything to chance.

And while you’re here, why not book onto our next workshop to see what else you need to think about?

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