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The major bonus in this workshop is that you get two professionals for the price of one!

Jim and Sarah, both creative entrepreneurs, have found a common goal – dispell the myth of presentations and make it more accessible for everyone.

Jim Thompson is joint owner of CWC and one half of the team
Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson – Thompson Promotions

A veteran of the theatre scene, Jim brings energy to everything he does and has numerous skills he is keen to share and instill in everyone he works with.  He utilises his experiences in the way he trains and interacts with professionals in a variety of business environments, adding an extra quality you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Having taught Performing Arts to BTEC level, he understands the importance in a clear message and how you get that across. He is currently an approved supplier of training with a global electronics manufacturer.

Presentation hates: Lack of eye contact – especially when the presenter is turned away from the room because they are reading from their projector screen.

Sarah Holmes is joint owner of CWC and one half of the training team.
Sarah Holmes

Sarah Holmes – Sarah Stephens Photography

A 20 year career in training and development for several well known UK businesses including H Samuel’s during which she developed her coaching skills that enable other people to develop both their skills and confidence.

A highly visual creative her photography business has continued her coaching practice as well as helping businesses develop a visual style for their products.

Presentation hates: Death by Powerpoint – especially when the content is at odds with the verbal delivery; an over scripted delivery that stops the speaker connecting with their audience.

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