Vocal Warm Up Hints

The Return to Familiarisation

It’s because we know why we are doing what we do. We have a goal and understand our ‘call to action’. Remember what it is you want to achieve from your talk, speech or pitch. We did…


Having an introduction that catches people’s attention is vital if you want them to listen. Jim has this to say on Introductions… “Introductions to films, songs or stand-up routines are really important in setting the tone for the rest of the experience. You wouldn’t get a chilled mellow song to have a heavy thrashing guitarContinue reading “Introductions!”

Let us begin…

Today’s #quoteonpublicspeaking comes from Ryan McLean, who is an Australian that has his own Youtube Channel and is passionate about making people better Public Speakers! Just like us really… So this little nugget of advice is perfect for what we want people to think about when embarking on their next presentation. #presentationskills #communicatewithconfidence #harlowparndonmill #publicspeakingcourse

Quote of the Day #1

Quote of the day #1

“Confidence is bred through familiarity” – John Cleese Mr Cleese is well know for his public speaking engagements (as he still has alimony to pay off – apparently) but this is something he wrote in his autobiography that he states is one of the best lessons he ever learned in his professional career. The moreContinue reading “Quote of the day #1”

Vocal Warm Up Hints

If you boil down presenting to it’s brass tacks, it is talking to other people in a room (physical or virtual). But you can’t just jump straight in. With Communicate With Confidence, we will no only give you a load of new skills with our workshops, but also, on this page, give you some usefulContinue reading “Vocal Warm Up Hints”

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