My Teaching History – Jim Thompson

I’d held a fascination in teaching from an early age. A lot of my older relatives are, or were, teachers. There was a lot of high regard held for the profession in my house as young kid. When it came to me looking at my career options at school, I had put down ‘Teaching’ asContinue reading “My Teaching History – Jim Thompson”

Let us begin…

Today’s #quoteonpublicspeaking comes from Ryan McLean, who is an Australian that has his own Youtube Channel and is passionate about making people better Public Speakers! Just like us really… So this little nugget of advice is perfect for what we want people to think about when embarking on their next presentation. #presentationskills #communicatewithconfidence #harlowparndonmill #publicspeakingcourse

Learn a bit more about your tutors: Jim

Jim has been teaching since he left school… (oh the irony…) firstly at Harlow Ballet School and then on to other schools around Essex and East London, with many students going on to work professionally as actors and directors. Jim is an avid reader and continually expands his knowledge in order to pass on whatContinue reading “Learn a bit more about your tutors: Jim”

Quote of the day #1

“Confidence is bred through familiarity” – John Cleese Mr Cleese is well know for his public speaking engagements (as he still has alimony to pay off – apparently) but this is something he wrote in his autobiography that he states is one of the best lessons he ever learned in his professional career. The moreContinue reading “Quote of the day #1”

Vocal Warm Up Hints

If you boil down presenting to it’s brass tacks, it is talking to other people in a room (physical or virtual). But you can’t just jump straight in. With Communicate With Confidence, we will no only give you a load of new skills with our workshops, but also, on this page, give you some usefulContinue reading “Vocal Warm Up Hints”