Less is more!

One thing that both Jim and Sarah agree on is that when it comes to PowerPoint, less is more. There have times when we have been at a conference or workshop and the presenter says “this is a list of things I want you to focus on” (or words to that effect) and what theyContinue reading “Less is more!”

Storytelling In Business

For some people, knowing what you are going to stand up and talk about is easy. You might have a very specific business niche that people need to understand. For others it might be that your business covers such a wide scope of services that you can be indecisive about what’s important to your listeners.Continue reading “Storytelling In Business”

You are not alone!!

Getting up and talking to a room of people sometimes makes you feel very alone and that your meeting companions are brimming with confidence and wit. But you really are not alone! In a survey conducted by Farhan Raja of TheInstitute of Business Management, 75% of everyone asked admitted they had a fear of publicContinue reading “You are not alone!!”

The Presentation Jigsaw – Piece 3

Telling stories is what makes us human and in business it’s always been true that “People buy from People”. So if you have a story that you think will connect, tell it!
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The Return to Familiarisation

It’s because we know why we are doing what we do. We have a goal and understand our ‘call to action’. Remember what it is you want to achieve from your talk, speech or pitch. We did…

Quote of the day #1

“Confidence is bred through familiarity” – John Cleese Mr Cleese is well know for his public speaking engagements (as he still has alimony to pay off – apparently) but this is something he wrote in his autobiography that he states is one of the best lessons he ever learned in his professional career. The moreContinue reading “Quote of the day #1”