The Presentation Jigsaw – Piece 1

If you know who your audience is going to be, you can tailor your talk appropriately so that it’s all relevant.

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The Return to Familiarisation

It’s because we know why we are doing what we do. We have a goal and understand our ‘call to action’. Remember what it is you want to achieve from your talk, speech or pitch. We did…

We Disney think you’d want to miss this… (4)

Poppin’ over to present at Networking events needn’t feel like taking medicine! It can feel like a Jolly Holiday if you do all the correct prep and help everyone Stay Awake, giving you a Step in Time to Feed The Birds! So Chim Chimeree over to the website for more info.

We Disney think you’d want to miss this… (3)

If you surround yourself with those that will support and nuture you, you can look at yourself and say, “I just can’t wait to be King… or Queen”!

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Vocal Warm Up Hints

If you boil down presenting to it’s brass tacks, it is talking to other people in a room (physical or virtual). But you can’t just jump straight in. With Communicate With Confidence, we will no only give you a load of new skills with our workshops, but also, on this page, give you some usefulContinue reading “Vocal Warm Up Hints”